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Discussing the challenges of the parents

what would change in the community if we give our kids better development conditions?

Just imagine the differences that could take place in 15 year in a slum area if the kids are mentally stimulated from small, and if they with that do even better at school and have the ability to think outside of the box and do creative and social entrepreneurship.

An idea of opening a cradle for the children of potential students turned out to be even more needed than we had ever imagined.

The local communities in connection with Wilson Airport do not have any proper cradle facilities, and yet the mothers to the young children will have to go to work to earn a living.

In the day care possibilities that are available now the children are normally only sleeping, eating and having changed diapers. This leaves the whole stimulation of the brain out.

Together with the community we would like to start a cradle where the children are mentally stimulated, taken well care of emotionally, and health wise.

We would like this to include:

Play Therapy
Learning through playing
Child Psychology
Neuro Semantics
Entrepreneurship for the people who we will train in the cradle to start their own cradles

The idea is resting until we can find the funding to build proper facilities.

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