Blowing Mindsets - Viral Self Leadership

Blowing Mindsets – Viral Self Leadership

Martine Kappel talks for Moches Models

Safari Dreams

Modeling requires Confidence, Self Esteem, State Management, Dedication, Dreams, Playfulness.

The balcony of the Theater is packed with glowing eyes belonging to the Models auditioning for the African Fashion Fair. Dorothy Oliech, founder of Mochez Models, tall, slender is busy measuring the models, and coordinating, which is a bit of a task with 52 people.

Smile from the heart, Dorothy Oliech


The first talk, on behalf of True North College and Conscious Living, to the Models at Moches was about Self Esteem and Self Confidence, and differentiating between Human Being and Human Doing. This is so essential for being able to receive feedback in a healthy way.

“Dorothy, you are very lucky to have models who are so open to stepping into new places, and the discussions about intentions and having dreams coming true was indeed inspiring, I wish we had had more time!” Says Martine Kappel, Trainer of Neuro Semantics.

It is rare to sit with 52 people who show that behind the good looks, so much more is present.

“Martine, I had a really good talk with the models after the talk. They really opened up, and we could talk about helping upcoming models, giving back to society, and about being together as a team so we can help build up the fashion industry in Kenya”  is the statement from Dorothy Oliech.

There are great visions behind Mochez, and one of the conclusions was that Martine Kappel will do another training, and assist the models in actualizing some of their dreams, as they will come to True North College and assist us in achieving our visions!

“The Male Models are eager to visit you at True North College” says Dorothy Oliech, “And they are ready to help”

Dorothy Oliech, Mochez Models

The next training will be on State Management.

The questions to the designers will be:

“What states would you like to express to the audience?

The question to the model is:

“What state do you need to be in, to express these clothes, and what inner resources to you need to express this in the best possible way?

We will build the Circle of Excellence!

The question to the assist team:

“What state do you need to be in for you to best assist the models in expressing exactly what he/she desires to express?”

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