Blowing Mindsets - Viral Self Leadership

Blowing Mindsets – Viral Self Leadership

MKENYA DAIMA Peaceful Elections

United in DiversityTrue North Leadership is proud to announce that we are supporting MKENYA DAIMA.

The primary purpose of the MKENYA DAIMA campaign is to inspire all Kenyans towards peaceful elections and a better Kenya for all.

By elections coming closer the image of the post election violence of 2007/08 seems to be waking up – and it is core that each one of us takes up our responsibility to keep the peace and by this also ensuring that Kenya can continue its development and growth.

The human potential here is amazing!
Just imagine where this nation can be in 2020 already if even 20% of the youth is passionate about growth and transformation towards a greater nation. We are already seeing the viral effects of the Hubs of entrepreneurship and IT. The creativity and the skills, and I wonder what the percentage is now of youth having access to unleashing their potential. Our Human Potential is the pillar in this nation.
Unleashing this potential even partly will by far allowing us to reach Vision 2030J

“mwana-nchi sio mweny-nchi”
(The ordinary citizens are not children of the nation but owners of the nation)

What if the time and energy used on revenge, jealousy, taking others down, and fighting would be used towards building a better quality of life? I am wondering what changes this could make for you? For your neighbour? For your family? For the community?

True North Leadership will participate with our competencies in Self Leadership and as I commit myself as an individual Human Being and the organization as such including True North Leadership College, I also know that many of the students have already committed themselves at working towards this.

2 students can directly affect the lives of 1,500 people in their local community …. This has already happened! I am wondering what 30 students working together with a target can do….

Our students are committed towards:

  1. Participation in MKENYA DAIMA by being inspirational pillars towards peaceful elections.
  2. Assisting in bringing awareness and training to youth leaders in Nairobi as well as up country.
  3. Being part of bringing out the message of high values such as peace, integrity, focus on purpose, impartiality, awareness, care, unity – One Nation!

I know that already now they do it, and now through MKENYA DAIMA we have a great structure where an amazing team of highly professional people have come together – mobilizing strengths in many different areas – areas such as

  • Presidential debates on TV and Radio
  • Music
  • Meetings
  • Media
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership
  • Workplace programmes



True North Leadership provides Transformational Education and Training that changes people’s lives.


True North Leadership is leading in Actualizing Leadership and in Creative Social Entrepreneurship for Socio-economic Growth.

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