Blowing Mindsets - Viral Self Leadership

Blowing Mindsets – Viral Self Leadership

Mochez Modelstunacheza training students at True North College

Dorothy Oliech

African Beauty, Dorothy Oliech Founder of Mochez Models


Bring your high heals and be prepared to take a job if you are called.

Some of the True North Girls are auditioning for modelling. Beauty and Brains, and actually a lot of guts!

Dorothy Oliech founder of Mochez has come to True North College to see how she can assist the students in achieving some of their dreams. She is looking for models and for back stage crew, and the income can help in paying the exams and school fees.

It is clear that Dorothy knows what she is talking about, as she talks to the students and as she and Martine Kappel, CEO True North Leaderhip,  discuss  the way forward. Dorothy has years of experience withing modelling and event management, and she applies her knowledge with a big smile and a big heart.

Moved by the insight in some of the challenges of the students she is determined to give her contribution to them achieving a bright future with opportunities and happiness.

A girl with dreams and a will to make the come true, Virginia


Two of our beautiful girls at TNC.







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