Blowing Mindsets - Viral Self Leadership

Blowing Mindsets – Viral Self Leadership

Self Leadership

Working on Values

Self Leadership is our core pillar in education for life.

Simon Mwangi: “It is not about what I do for myself. It is all about what I do for my fellow Human beings.”

Charles Tamuku: “It is my responsibility to think of whom I wanted to be! And not their responsibility to think of whom I was supposed to be”

Petronilla: “I know with my knowledge and with my Mind I can be the change I want to see and change the lives for other girls as well”

Leadership starts with Self Leadership! – IT STARTS WITH ME!

Our Self Leadership training is a transformational training with a foundation in Neuro Semantics, and essentially it is about moving towards Self Actualization, and thereby Actualizing your Dreams.

As we know that we are “meaning makers”, we also realize the power of the meanings we make and the intentions we have in our mind about others, ourselves, and power. Thereby we can also decide how to think about ourselves, and who we want to be, where we want to go, and how we want to go there.

“Nobody can drive me crazy            -               Unless I give the keys away” (Colin Cox)

Our training in Self Leadership provides the tools for keeping your own keys!

How do YOU want to LIVE YOUR LIFE?

We believe in moving towards SELF ACTUALIZATION, and we provide a deeper insight in the theories of Abraham Maslow

What really Motivates you?



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