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  • Financial Literacy training: Equity Bank & True North Leadership

    True North Leadership students with creative ideas for improving businesses

    “It will really change the community!” stated Pamela, one of our local community leaders and entrepreneurs. The community will have a higher income, and even the education possibilities and the health status will improve.

    Everyone is quietly listening to the words of Lillian, the trainer from Equity Bank, as she is talking about savings, good debts and bad debts, group accounts, budgeting, income, insurance, health insurance, entrepreneurship. And Salome Wanjiku is more than busy noting down these important headlines of the 3 months Financial Literacy Programme which Equity Bank is now providing to the Kenyans with a target of more than 620,000 people.

    True North Leadership Academy has invited representatives for students, staff, parents, and local entrepreneurs to participate in this meeting with the trainer in Financial Literacy, Lillian.

    The questions are many and they witness that there is a great interest and need for the banking products – all of them! It is a challenge for many of the families in the communities we work with, as banking products have not been very accessible to the common people of Kenya.

    Charles concentrated on creating a business plan

    This basically means that there is limited access to saving accounts, loans, and insurance.  In many communities this has then created the need for savings groups, where a group of people join forces and by saving together also provide a possibility for credit facilities to the members in the group, as well as future possibilities for micro credit.

    The low level of credit facilities has an impact on the investment opportunities, and it is clear that the access to liquidity, money, is essential for growth in Kenya.

    Harriet presenting

    Entrepreneurship needs capital and Financial Literacy

    Financial Literacy is essential for the access to liquidity, as well as for running a business and  a house hold.

    We have partnered up with Equity Bank to have them giving their professional training to our students, staff, parents, partners, and the local communities around our students.

    Our dream is to see the participants gain a knowledge which will enable them to move to the next step in pursuing their dreams, and our mission and vision links up very well with Equity Bank:

    Purpose of Equity Bank:

    We exist to transform the lives and livelihoods of our people socially and economically by availing them modern, inclusive financial services that maximize their opportunities.

  • Miss World Kenya


    Susan Anyango and Martine Kappel

    Miss World is Beauty with a Purpose

    Martine Kappel, MD True North College and Conscious Living, had the honor of being one of the judges at the final audition in KICC as well as in the elimination rounds.

    Salome Ndung’u, counselor and field officer at True North, assisted the girls with a debriefing if eliminated.

    It was a meeting with wonderful, intelligent Kenyan girls who were not only pursuing the dream of becoming a Beauty Queen but also of fulfilling a purpose close to the heart of the individual girl.

    True North was invited to train the girls in self leadership and public speaking, and they went through part of the training that also the students at True North College undergo.

    The girls were amazing students who really took all they could learn, and who used the tools.

    We worked with State Management, Personal Powers, Meta Stating, Coming to Conclusion with someone you have lost, Circle of Excellence, Motivation, Intentionality, Presenting Skill.

    We enjoyed every moment, the sad ones as well as the happy ones, and we wish all the girls all the best on their way forward in pursuing their dreams.

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