Blowing Mindsets - Viral Self Leadership

Blowing Mindsets – Viral Self Leadership

Our Leadership Outreach

Would you like to see values of respect, humanity, peace, creativity, care, love have a higher focus in our society?

Martine Kappel: “We need to bridge the gap between knowing and doing – between vision and action – I believe that through Self Leadership Education we can build the bridges that are needed to build an enabling environment for growth – a shared growth – both economic and personal growth with individuals modelling Excellence with integrity to spiritual values.”

Through Self Leadership Education we assist young bright people  from low income families, young bright people who want to make a difference. With the tools of Self Leadership they will be the ones Leading Change in their communities!  Because we believe in sustainable change.

The life changing and powerful Self Leadership programme that we run is designed to run from grade 1 to 12 and at College and University Level.

We have 2 approaches:

  • Training the leaders in the communities to a level where they can use the tools to help themselves and others becoming a first rate version of themselves!
  • Training the teachers and trainers to go into the schools and deliver this education.

Some of the  young leaders we have worked with have shown such an amazing initiative and outreach into their communities that we are now also working on assisting them to participate in Coaching Mastery – Taking Leadership to Greatness!  - giving them tools for mastery! – Tools for even further Transformation in the Community and Society of Kenya -

Harryet about Values and TNLC

Watch Video: Harryet about values and True North Leadership

Do you want to make a positive difference and see a young man or woman change their lives – take initiative – building a great future – stop the spiral of poverty – and reach greatness?

Do you believe in blowing mindsets?

You can assist by making a donation.

Our students are committed to making changes in their families and communities, so your help will reach many!

It is about changing quality of life, of changing communities, of changing a society from the grass roots to the crown of the seeds. Making this world a better place for all!

All our students are involved in improving quality of life in their community. It is chosen by the individual student, who has a desire to make it work. We support them with training and with networking.

Watch video on Charles telling about True North and loan scheme

Charles: “It is up to me to decide what I think about me! It is not up to them to decide who I am!


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